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Often, I've stood bewitched by the scene before me - the early morning mist, pristine forests, fluttering butterflies, the emerald greenery - oblivious to the camera in my hand. For that moment savoured is worth a thousand pictures.

I live in two worlds. Working as a consultant, I am immersed in the fast world of work, after which I get to have the company of my camera leading me into a more colorful world. The two worlds are mutually dependent as one helps the other.

Life on this planet should count to something, but I am in no hurry in the race of life. Having lived in few great cities, I am all too aware of the vortex of fast paced life, I'd rather stand and stare. I know that one day my images will speak out for me, as capturing them is a very personal experience for me. Each picture captured, has my inner thoughts embossed in them. That particular moment when my finger clicks the button, the world stands still.

Okay, other tidbits of me. I love listening to music, and sing along with the song too. Though I shudder to think how my voice would sound without the music. I am passionate about travel, adventure sports and play table tennis or badminton almost every day. I am an Indian by birth, but I consider myself to be of a generation transcending borders and race-a citizen of the world. I read a lot too, from fiction to non-fiction and everything in between.

To know more mail me at or visit my facebook profile -


  • Nikon D700
  • Sony TX7
  • 50mm, 70-300, 105, 24-70
  • SB-600
  • iMac
  • Dell XPS

Charlotte, NC, USA

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