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Mario Polzin

Mario Polzin



MOORNEBHEYM is the photography and design project of the German artist Mario Polzin, founded in early 2009, but its roots grow way deeper. There is not just one ambition behind MOORNEBHEYM, for it serves multiple purposes. The main idea though is CO-EXISTENCE. The nature in and around us being one with another, for every aspect defining the human soul finds its equivalent out in the nature. You just have to perceive. Interprete the signs and symbols. Interpretation is the key to understanding. Of NATURE, of SOUL and of these works. For interpretation varies. There is no master key, just your very own one. By chosing titles I myself give hints to find my key – and I would be grateful if you gave me hints to have a glimpse on yours. Though not everything necessarily has to be interpreted. Sometimes it’s preferable to lull your mind to sleep and just enjoy the beauty offered. To trust your eyes and perceive nothing but an image on your mind – no words, no thoughts and no conclusion. You yourself decide what’s best, for you are free. The style of the works may differ, as there are different approaches on art. While abstract portrait/landscape photography are deeply rooted in my heart, I also find joy in doing concert photography or other non-usual portrait work.
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