Nikos Vasilakis

Nikos Vasilakis



1983 August: Is born in Chania - Greece and lives there until the age of eighteen. 2001 Summer: Finishes high-school and moves to Heraklion to study in the department of Materials Science and Technology of the University of Crete. 2004 July: Purchases his first D-SLR camera, a Nikon D70 and initiates Photography as a hobby. 2004 December: Five months later the hobby turns into a profession. Being an active member of the Photography club of the University of Crete (FOPK), he lands his first job in 18-Thirty magazine and 18-30 advertising company. 2006 September: Eleven coverpages later, he moves to Athens in order to study Photography. At the same time he works with several clients. 2008 June: Graduates with success from the Leica Academy and joins the army. 2009 May: Finishes the army service and switches to the Canon EOS system. 2009 August: Releases his first book: b33k, a personal portfolio. 2010 May: Visits London, UK, for 8 months. 2011 May: Launches and starts teaching Photoshop & Photography in Athens. 2012 January: Launches online shop for prints of his work with worldwide shipping. 2012 October: Starts teaching Photoshop and Photography classes and seminars in 'IEK AKMI', 'New School Athens' and 'Athens Art Studio'.
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