Ninoslav Ilic

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Trans Architecture - St. Anna Church, Prague

Published March 1st, 2012

Different people experience the same things differently.Since we live in time of widespread individualization,when nothing,not even a performance is a matter of collective consciousness,this project seeks to retain the interest of man in live p e r f o rma n c e .

The existing structure has a great quality that this design promotes with transformabil area that provides constantly transformation.Depending on the type of performance or artist's creativity,by manipulation with hydraulic modules,we are forming ambient only for the current performance.This design provides five different transformations, but the possibilities are endless .Quality of transformation is that can provide space for more performances at the same time or just for one classical or experimental. Module of transformation is 60x60 cm. Reverberation is controlled by a cloth unfolding like former roof volutes and the usage of wood for the materialization of flooring.Paybox and entrance control,which are directly related ...

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