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Henk oochappan

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South-India, a life-long journey (click this link)

Published November 13th, 2013

More then 25 years I hibernate in South-India. In time I wondered what makes me go back, again and again, and how could I translate this through photography. At first you stumble on most amazing scenes but soon you notice that the simple life found on the countryside reflects the true nature of the majority of Indians, still free from outside influence. Nothing is perfect here, what a relief from Western perfectionism, what we got in our pocket, they still got it in their hearts what makes meeting them always a thrill, often shooting in conspiracy, sharing the fun of photography.

Mainly I return every year to Madurai with it's surroundings as I noticed the authentic Dravidian culture is so strongly present here. And why I go always to Tamil Nadu ? Like neighbor states say, Tamil Nadu is the land of the eternal youth, the true smile in their eyes at any age keeps them young from heart.


Photography is alike talking : if you use only expensive words but got nothing to say or if you con ...

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