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Published December 6th, 2011

Well as you can tell by now if you have check on on this blog that they Day-1, Day-2 and so are not consecutive days. It would be great to be able to post in consecutive days. but with the rest of life takes bits out of my time I am happy that I can at least find the time to get a new blog post out.

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Published September 15th, 2011

I am primarily a People Photographer, meaning that I am drawn to the areas of photography that include people. But I have been known to shoot motives that only have the echos of people. Things that people have left behind. I started this series as a personal project years ago that explores where people have been and what they have left behind to come back to at some future date. The series is called "Behind Glass Walls" All the photos were taken through a layer of glass beyond the lens. This series is an ongoing project in fact I can't see a time when it will ever be finished.

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Published September 13th, 2011

As you may have read in my Bio that I am drawn to Photography which includes people. I just love the interaction of people with each other and their environment. That being said I believe that that one of the most beautiful forms of photography is under threat. Street Photography that includes people is becoming increasingly difficult to do. I believe that two factors have contributed to this threat all be it not by intention. In fact you would think that these two factors would have made it easier to do great street photography and display it to the world. The first factor I am speaking about is the Digital Camera which has made it easier for photographers to go out and develop their individual styles shooting as much or as little as each individual photographer wishes to without the expense of film processing. The second factor is the internet and the popularity of social websites that allow photographers to post their work. As I said before, at first glance you would think these two ...

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