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Photography Life

Published March 8th, 2012

Photography to me is an art filled with mixed emotions that can come in any form. Life as a Photographer has been an amazing journey to me until now, and I know it will always be. People always ask me “why photography? “. The answer to that is ‘I love capturing moments of life’

For me life is full of emotions. Let it be from nature to an animal to a human, emotions are always there around us. We just need to see things much more clearly to feel the emotions. Because once you feel them you are clearly able to see them. Observation is a key factor for a photographer let it be, while observing a photograph or even while picturing one because a photograph is also an illusion.

I mostly do Travel and nature Photography, and i have learnt a lot while clicking pictures. I haven’t studied in any universities or went to any school. I am completely self-taught and the fact is I am still learning. This is what life is, no matter what you do or what you are good at, there is always something ne ...

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