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My little miracle!

Published February 15th, 2014

Foxy turned up on my doorstep as a stray pup on a cold winters evening in 2008. At that time I lived in Transylvania and bizarrely she arrived on the eve of my birthday when the temperatures were well below freezing. I didn't bring her into my house because I thought she would return to her mother when she was cold and hungry enough. However, she remained on my doorstep overnight, and when I opened my door the following morning she stood there looking at me shivering with cold. I immediately led her to the warmth of my stove, fed and watered her, then went to visit my neighbours to see who was missing a puppy. To my amazement nobody was, so where did she come from? I personally believe that she came as a gift on my birthday, my little miracle that has never left my side since that night :)

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