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Philip Braude

Philip Braude



Contact best made with electrified communication via microblogging (@drphilini), electronic mail or Facebook. Philip has two distinct morphological states. London based Homo sapiens spends much of his time in the deep cover of the third person. A medic by day (and night - rota dependent), in oxygen rich greened environments he adaptively pigments to muted colours for wilderness camouflage. Other characteristics include complex Nikon tools carried dorsally as well as unique sounds of clattering tripods and mild expletives.  Once changed he will disperse to hostile terrain including coastlines, supermarket car parks and distant back gardens. As a photographic omnivore his subject diet is diverse, from large mammal to tiny spore. Hunting particulars include prey is unharmed and environment undisturbed. Foraging happens usually alone but occasionally in packs. If spotted please keep quiet and approach slowly due to high risk of spoiling the stake out.
Ginger Wagner

Ginger Wagner

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Alessio Romanato

A. Romanato

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Leonid Fedyantsev

L. Fedyantsev

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Iwan Tirtha

Iwan Tirtha

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Claude Cat

Claude Cat

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Jasna Bužimkić

Jasna Bužimkić

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Kev Malone

Kev Malone

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Pornthep Jaipra

Pornthep Jaipra

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Andreas Neøphytøu

A. Neøphytøu

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Thomas Pasiek

Thomas Pasiek

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