Sumatran tiger is a male Sumatran tiger subspecies terkecil.Harimau have an average length of 92 inches from head to tail and weigh 300 pound.Betinanya have an average length of 78 inches and weighs 200 pound.Belang thinner than the Sumatran tiger tiger subspecies lain.subspesies beard is also accompanied by a mane more than other subspecies, especially hariamau males. Its small size makes it easier to film on the sidelines rimba.Terdapat fingers that make them able to swim fast. Tigers are known to drive hoofed prey into the water, especially if the prey animal is a slow swimmer. Its fur changes color to dark green when giving birth.
Greenpeace released at least 51 Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) were missing from their habitats due to various reasons. "But until now did not know what the exact number is missing from the forests of Kerinci National Park Seblat
In addition because the tigers 'ngurak' (die of old age), as well as the fight antarharimau fight over territory.
"And the important thing is still happening due to illegal hunting conducted tiger poachers who make a business and a hobby as well as by citizens disturbed by the frequent presence of tigers prey on livestock and even people," he said. The loss was caused by a tiger poaching either by means of captured alive or killed.

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