The most ordinary of things take on a new perspective in a different light!

Two different lights in this case! One way to really make an ordinary object stand out is to completely isolate it from its normal environment. There are many ways to place objects in all kinds of negative space, tight depth of field being one of the most popular. For this image I have use powerful strobe lighting.

In a studio setting it is possible to do all kings of wonderful things with lighting but not so easy for a stroll around the garden hand holding everything. Because I wanted a wide depth of field I really needed two strobes to give this image any sense of depth. With only two hands my setup was pretty basic with camera equipped with hot-shoe flash in one hand and a slave strobe in the other.

For this image I placed the slave strobe above and to the right while the hot-shoe flash provided gentle front lighting. I reckon I pegged this one!

Photo: Robert Rath, '366 Days of 2012, Day 215 - Pegged'. 1/100 sec f/25 ISO-100 100mm + off camera strobe

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