Chechem tree (Mayan name, called Poison Wood in English). The Chechen tree often grows near another tree — Chaka tree. Chechen tree sap is poisonous and causes severe burns on human skin. Chaca tree sap neutralizes the poison if you happen to have touched the Chechen tree. There is a Mayan legend about these trees — There were two brother princes — Tzic and Kinich. The first was hateful and angry and the second was kind and merciful. They both fell in love with the same girl, Nicte-Ha. They fought a long battle for Nicte-Ha and both killed each other. In the underworld, they asked the gods for forgiveness and a chance to return to the world of the living and see their beloved Nicte-Ha once more. The gods granted their wish and Tizic was reborn as the Chechen tree, which seeps black poison from its branches and burns anyone who touches it, and Kinich was reborn as the Chacah tree, whose sap neutralises burns from Chechen sap. They watch over Nicte-Ha, who having died of grief, was mercifully restored to life as a beautiful white flower.

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