Chrysanthemum. 'MUM' pour les amis!
It is still October...National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Each year I buy a few of those expensive beauties to photograph in the studio, same this year, they last forever, I had two varieties, this is the pink/white, the other still to come.
It is a labour of love for me to find 'different' lighting and angles to bring out their unique beauty, the petals so tightly concentrated in the heart and cascading out in full glory.
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Today, the chrysanthemum is a quintessential Japanese flower.
Western-style spray chrysanthemums or yogiku are becoming popular as cut flowers and garden plants in Japan, but respect is still attached to traditional, disbudded types, the big blooms often duo toned, collectively known as kotengiku or antique chrysanthemums.

*Name: comes from the Greek "krus anthemon” meaning gold (bronze) flower.
Today they come in all colours.

*History: The chrysanthemum has been known since before 5000BC in a small yellow form.

*Origin: China and Japan.

*Colours: all colours from white to deep purple, bronze, lime green and brick red – except blue (which are artificially dyed for special events)

*Family: Relatives include Chamomile, Marguerite.

*Varieties: they come in a range of shapes and sizes, including spiders, spoons, buttons and blooms.

*Trivia and Facts: The Chrysanthemum is depicted on Japan's imperial weapons and flag. Japan also has a national festival devoted to the flower (9 Sept).

*Mythology: Some countries (such as Malta) think it is unlucky to have the flower indoors.
It is associated with funerals and All Saints Day.

*Medicinal: Feng Shui adherents believe the chrysanthemum brings laughter and happiness to your home. Teas are made with the leaves to help relieve from flue.

Soul Flowers 2012
Why not take a few minutes, click on the links, sit back and relax, enjoy the beauty, you'll feel replenished?

I wish you all a lovely day and thanx for your visit, M, (*_*)

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