Magda Indigo


Again in ' Victorian style', suits these so well? I always look at the flower... what is it telling me?

The heart was already dying... a gorgeous, large, duo-toned bloom of Chrysanthemum.

Tempus fugit is a Latin expression meaning "time flies".
Frequently used as an inscription on clocks to remind us that life passes FAST, tic...toc....

All is fleeting and so ephemeral..
The expression was first used in the verse Georgica written by Roman poet Virgil: 'Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus' which means; "But it flees in the meantime: irretrievable time flees".

The meaning is sometimes used less colloquially as: "Meanwhile, the irreplaceable time escapes", expressing concern that one's limited time is being consumed by something which may have little intrinsic substance or importance at that moment.

Soul Flowers 2012
Why not take a few minutes, click on the links, sit back and relax, enjoy the beauty, you'll feel replenished?

The flower still full of beauty to me...
I'm fine, hope you are too, thanx, M, (*_*)

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----///--\\\----put this
---|||----|||---on your
---|||-- -|||---profile or image if
---|||-- -|||---you know
-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived
------///\-----or has passed away from
----///--\\\---Thank you

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