This image is from another famous building in Scarborough called the Grand Hotel. I had only ever been in the hotel entrance of this wonderful building once or twice before so Mark Hepples and I decided to ask if it would be OK to take a few images of the hotel and again just like the Spa they kindly agreed, so another thanks goes out to those of the Grand Hotel :-).

You may have heard of the Grand Hotel over the last few years all for the wrong reasons due to sickness outbreaks which I think sadly puts people off coming to this stunning and architectural beauty of a Hotel. In its heyday in 1867 it was the biggest hotel in Europe and possibly the world. Also the way it was designed was very interesting, if you look at it on Google Maps it was shaped as the letter 'V' in honour of Queen Victoria, it has 4 towers to represent the 4 seasons, 12 floors to represent the months of the year, 52 chimneys to represent the weeks in a year and 365 rooms to represent the days in a year. I always find this fascinating about this hotel. There is also rumours that there is a lower part of this hotel that is closed off to the public and abandoned, unsure of the reason why but it would be great to explore that part some day. The hotel to me still feels a little bit tired compared to other hotels designed around the same time and still in existence today but in parts I actually like this honesty and its great to see such a wonderful hotel still in use today.

This spiral staircase is one of two that link the ground floor to the other floors if you don't wish to use the lifts. I must admit this was not one of the easiest spiral staircases to photography due to the tight angles and curves and also the curves not quite being in line with each other (you may see it on the bottom curve in this image). I felt this angle was the most pleasing to the eye and am quite pleased on how it came out.

Again just a quick mention I finally got round to setting up a website, its a work in progress and is no way near finished but if you want to check it out feel free and let me know what you think

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