When we first got to the beach, and got out of the vehicles, there were these well spread out trees along the top of the sand-line. They had exposed roots, low hanging branches, and more. Immediately I thought, we have to interact with that, that's different. Not so different that it's an extreme idea or anything, but I don't see that done with beach shots frequently. So Nondys agreed to climb into the tree and find an embracing position along some roots. As I was shooting the a-typical pose configurations I realized I wasn't happy with anything. At this point I asked her to stay put, and I was just going to walk around and try to find something more "character-centric". I've talked about this before, when I direct a subject I often try to create little stories in my head. "Why is she there, what is she doing, what's her mood like?". This can be really helpful in getting the subject to be more convincing in their poses.
When I came around the side of the tree, the side with the bad lighting, I asked her to look over at me and act like a strong woman, flirting with the guy who had just approached her.
Once I had built the scene she totally got it. "Ok, I know what you want". I waited, finger on the shutter, camera at the ready. She suddenly started going through a series of very small motions staring right through me as if she was really seeing this guy there who would probably be behind me. When she started lifting her arms above her, it created this wonderful window frame around her face and opened up the lines of her torso.
Bam! That was going to be the shot. To help offset being on the wrong side of the light, I had the flash setup at about 30° from the subjects line of sight set nice and wide on 1/4 power. I slowly lowered myself to not see the cast shadows from the flash.

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