The green iguana lives in tropical rain forests, usually near water and living in trees. They are cold-blooded animals., which means they do not produce body heat. So if it's cold, the green iguana is cold. As the sun rises, the iguanas appear to warm up in the sun.

They have long fingers and claws to climb into the trees. They can hear and smell good and they have a clear vision. The color of the skin helps them to camouflage. When he must escape, he can jump from the tree into the water. Green iguanas are good swimmers.

The green iguana can live for 30 years, the average age is about fifteen years. He can grow up to 2 meters long.

Unfortunately, people too quickly take iguanas as pets, not knowing how old, big and strong they can be. And because they have very sharp nails they can cause painful damage. They can whip their tails and they can scratch and bite pretty hard.

This one lives freely in a tropical garden in harmony with butterflies.

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