Alex Benetel

Last night on earth with these broken hearts.

[6 January - 12 January]


These weeks are just flying by. Well, this week I got to hang out with Madeline Masarik and Ashley Hersberger! This was taken on Sunday (day after previous photograph), which was the last day we would all spend together. After spending a day at Epcot, Madeline, Christian and I went back to the hotel to rest up - we were absolutely exhausted. Ash then met us at our hotel and we went out and shot together. Afterwards we went back to the room, where we found my parents and Madeline's Mum talking. We all then joined in on the conversation and just talked about anything and everything. Soon after it was time to say goodbye to Madeline which was incredibly hard. Especially because she took my shoes, hahahaha just kidding...but she really did take my shoes. Ash, Christian and I then hung out in the hotel room for a few hours talking about the recent meet ups and all of the wonderful people we had met that year in relation to photography. Ash then had to leave and that was it, Christian and I had said goodbye to the last two flickr people we were to see on our trip. Let's just say that that night was pretty sad.

The next day was spent with our awesome parents at Magic Kingdom, where we had such a fantastic time enjoying our last day in America. It was really magical at night too, watching the fireworks and ah, just a perfect way to end such a wonderful, incredible trip. The next day we flew out to L.A. which took about 5.5 hours and then took a connecting light back home to Sydney which was about 15 hours. Oh my God, it was the worst haha. BUT, I'm home now and as much as I'm relieved, I'm incredibly sad that I'm thousands of miles away from all of the fantastic people and friends I met along the way. I am going to do everything in my power to go back over there as soon as possible. As with my blog posts, there are still a few left and they'll be published over the next week or so. One will definitely be up by tonight. Facebook is the best place to be for photographs from my trip that won't be uploaded on flickr :)

Okay, this description is WAY too long for me to describe the concept I had in mind so I'll leave that up for interpretation.

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