I knew this was going to be cool show on my way here, first visit to this part of the park. When I finally arrived at the parking lot it was getting close to sunset. I didn't have a clue about what I would shoot for a composition. It was very warm out and being a spur of the moment trip I had left the bug dope at home. I decided to use my rain jacket for protection against the ninja vampires. Galloping down the tr ail to get to who knows where I came across a lone soul which must have owned the one other car in the parking area.

At this point things got a little wierd. My experience with reality shifted a little and sort of resembled the dream sequence in Wayne's World. There was no naked indian or football phone but I did meet a rock star by the name of Dene' Miles. Dene' has been a contact of mine since back when I first started sharing photos online and is a great source of inspiration. The only thing is since we've never met in person I had no idea it was her. So I posed the question "Are there any good flowers?". This wasn't too off the wall because she was carrying a tripod. She points off to the distance and says "About a mile down that way you might find some". Good enough for me, a mile is all I could go before the light would be it's best.

I said thanks and continued gallloping only to look back a moment later and poof, gone, no one for miles. I found some nice blooms right at the mile mark and started getting gear out. When I looked up clouds started literally pouring in from all directions. The mountain would disappear in no time at this rate. All the same it was still a pretty mystical experience even though I was sweating like hog wearing a rain jacket in the summer heat. I realized this would be a unique take on this classic scene and started firing of frames. Then came the CRACK-BOOM!!

In the not far off distance I could clearly see one of those cartoon storm clouds that just perpetually shoots lightning bolts out in every direction. It was heading straight for the mountain and I was right in it's path with nowhere to move on an exposed ridge. I ran like a gazel back to the car and when I drove around to the other viewpoint the mountain had been completely socked in.

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