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Salt Creek Flats, Death Valley. Talk about drama... the most intense sunset I saw during a week of meandering through the eastern sierra/death valley area. It was a surprise too. Gotta love those. One minute I'm looking down at my camera, fumbling with it, contemplating packing it in, when all the sudden from behind my I hear voices rejoicing! I look up to find the sky ablaze. What a trip.

This is a cool area. There are salt water springs at the edge of this flat, and the water slowly creeps across to salt creek at the base of the mountains, leaving salt deposits along the way. Great for reflections obviously. Walking in the area is similar to walking in snow, as the crusted salt resembles that of hardened snow. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Had some fun with post processing on this one, possibly going too far, but I really like it. I've never processed such a finicky image, as I've never had something with as much, and as intense red in it. WOAH now red channel! Be cool baby. I had to double process a single image for the foreground and the sky because I had to really bring down the exposure on the sky to get those reds in line. At that point the foreground and mountains were underexposed. Also separately processed the mountains to bring some detail back. Plenty of selective dodging, burning, and sharpening to bring out the details, specifically for the salt deposits, which where a big part of the scene for me, being there in person. I also punched up that one little speck of light, the suns last breath, to give the overall image a focal point.

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