This photo was shot during a heavy snowfall. When I was editing this shot all the snow reminded me of digital noise we often eliminate from our shots, in the case of this shot, it's part of it's character and aesthetic. I realize how different that is from the clean landscape shots we're used to.


I like the tall trees in the scene, so I shot vertically to elongate the vertical lines they create. I also placed the main subject all the way at the bottom to make the viewer's eye travel to the bottom of the screen. The subject is well below the lower line of rule of thirds and smack in the middle since it's a symmetric shot.

As me and my daughter walked, I looked for large imposing trees on each side of the path. I wanted to use them to frame the shot. I took many other variations of this shot, without any strong trees on the sides and the other version didn't feel as strong as this one. They felt cluttered.


I wanted something playful. Many snow storm shots are nostalgic and if human figures are present, the body language reflects the nostalgia. I happen to like snow and so does my daughter, so we came up with this playful pose to communicate our joy visually. Umbrella is almost always a good prop, in this case it's also appropriate.


This is a very noisy image (because of the snow) and low contrast shot, no reason to fight that, so I decided to enhance the low contrast even more. In Lightroom I open up the shadows to 100% and also moved the black slider all the way to the right, this had the effect of reducing the contrast even more, by removing any traces of pure black. The digital negative set to daylight white balance had too many red hues and the snow looked gray. I used curves to add blue hues and as the last step I brighten the image, I think I could push that brightness a bit more, I'll revisit the image in few days and see then.

Hope you enjoy, cheers!

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