Inca Trail - Runkuracay - Pile of Ruins

Runkuracay, or "Pile of Ruins" was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1915, who envisioned it as a fortress. However, archeologist determined that it was a tambo, or resting place for travelers. The building contained sleeping areas for the couriers and stabling facilities for their animals.

There is some confusion on the meaning of Runkuracay and translations include egg-shaped building, basket building and sphere-shaped building.

The shape is unusual for an Inca compound. Two concentric walls enclose curved chambers and a courtyard. Runkuracay looks out over the valley below. It has inclined walls that are built to withstand earthquakes.

It would have had a thatched roof, but now it stood in a grand circle, with open passageways pointing, like the Coricancha sun temple in Cuzco, towards all the different paths of the empire.

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