The Canada lynx, a member of the cat family, is distinguished by a short body, long legs, large padded feet, and pointed ears tipped with long, black hair. In North America, the lynx is usually the largest of the bobtailed cats, with a large male lynx weighing about 17 kg (37 lb.). In Eurasia, a large male could weigh as much as 32 kg (70 lb.).

Lynx kittens, like house cats, cover their urine and feces. Adults do not, using them as territorial markers instead. Lynxes are excellent climbers and occasionally swim across rivers and streams.

They are nocturnal, solitary hunters. They appear shortly before dark and remain active until shortly after sunrise. Their major food item is the snowshoe hare, but they sometimes take ducks, foxes, skunks and even deer. Their main enemies, besides humans, are cougars and wolves.

Their soft, lustrous fur has been a popular fashion item and has led to the demise of many thousands of these animals. In Canada, the Canada lynx inhabits forested areas from Newfoundland and Labrador to Yukon.

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