So about a year ago I was geeking out on google earth as I often do, looking for photo possibilities in my area when I stumbled upon Glacier Creek. Glacier Creek is just east of the town of Glacier, Wa and it originates from Mount Baker. Walking around as my virtual self I discovered that these two hillsides looked as if they would frame Baker nicely with Glacier Creek leading into the shot. The next step was figuring out how to get to the creek.
Last winter I tried twice. The first time I found a way to the creek way downstream of the shot I had envisioned and attempted to make my way upstream. All was going well until I reached a very narrow, very steep canyon that I could not get around. I spent about an hour trying to find an alternate route to no avail. I went home and spent a whole bunch more time looking on google earth for possible other routes. I found another area above the canyon that looked promising and decided to give it another shot.
I bushwhacked my way down from the road to a ridge and what I found was basically an old landslide with cliffs at the bottom. I probably should have turned around and cut my losses, but I could see my shot! So I scrambled/slid down the hillside towards the creek. Problem is that I totally lost control on the way down and started tumbling towards the cliffs. I was able to jam my foot against a rock and simultaneously spin around and grab some exposed roots about 10 feet above about a 20-25 foot cliff drop onto boulders. I was whooped and scared my heart felt like a drum beating in my chest. There was no way that I could see down to the creek without ropes and I was by myself without cell phone coverage. Getting back up to the ridge was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I made it.
A long time passed, but this spot was always in my mind. So a few days ago I decided it was time for round three. I went down to the same ridge as before and this time walked up and down the ridge until finally I found a spot that was a little less steep. It still was by no means easy, there were fallen trees everywhere and thick stands of devils club, but I pressed on. I was Finally able to squirm and scramble my way down to the creek bed and this was the view.
Now I know this shot wasn't taken in the best light, I wanted to stay until sunset, but I did not want to try to bushwhack my way out of here in the dark. So I settled for some early afternoon light and relished in the fact that I had found a way and would be back. Looks like this would be a great spot in the fall, maybe some one would be interested in joining me for an October adventure next year? I would feel a lot better attempting this with the buddy system. Anyway sorry for the long story, but this one means something to me epic light or not. I feel a great deal of satisfaction just knowing that I got here. Your comments and critique are always welcome and thanks for looking.

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