An amazing night is ending, I am laying on a couch tired and sleepy at about 6:00 a.m, trying to convince myself that I should get out there and shoot the scene I had planned the previous evening, with this new piece of glass... A friend of mine is trying to convince me the same, and so he manages to. I grab a helmet, my gear and my friend's bike and head towards the well-known (to me) rocky beach. The sunrise is about to happen, 61 minutes from now, and the moon has already risen, making the scenery quite extraordinary, with a clear sky and some bright stars on it. I reach the place in minutes, stumbling upon half of the rocks available, looking quite funny I assume. 50 minutes to sunrise, and I'm setting my gear up: The tripod, as low as possible, my beloved camera, the graduated ND. I manage to find the composition I had found half a day before and 25 minutes before sunrise, a click is heard, a picture is saved, a memory is captured. This one represents one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever shot. It took me months to create the final image as it turned to be quite under-exposed on the biggest part and it required lots of careful adjustments to bring the detail back to the dark areas. I hope you enjoy the journey even more than I did, every trip to this place seems magic and so do the images that come from it.

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