A distant world as seen through the eyes of an uncoventional photographer.

All the hype over the super moon got me thinking about what we are looking at. First, it is a distant world with no atmosphere worth mentioning, little, if any water and no vegetation. So I wanted to frame my super moon shot against all three of those elements.

Secondly, it is a ball of rock. Therefore, there had to be rocks in my shot.

Finally, it is a distant world (I know I said that already). My concept then had to emphasise that idea. I therefore needed to step away from the traditional night time shot to come up with the right colours to deliver the idea of a distant world.

Now the question is - which one is the distant world? Is it the one we stand on, the one we are looking at or is it the one whose light has created all of these elements including the reflected light we see in this momentary capture?

You decide.

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