I couldn't resist using that title! I seriously tried to think of a name that actually said a little bit about this image and captured the energy in some profound way… Alas, I came up blank. So I'm dedicating this shot to the best video game series ever: Portal.

For anyone reading this that didn't catch the reference, I strongly suggest you make your way to the nearest Xbox, PS3 or gaming capable computer and download/buy a copy of Portal. As soon as you have done that, do the same for Portal 2...

Ok, thats enough of an endorsement. I'll actually start talking about the photo now. I've gotta say another epic thank you to my good mate Matt Chapman for once again making such an awesome photography adventurer possible… This guy has a wicked sense for creative ideas and adventure. Check out a couple of his photos here:


He is relatively new to the photography scene, but has totally blown me away with how well he has picked up on the technique and has honestly produces photos that I've failed to capture on numerous occasions…

This was one such case. Matt decided to call me up and book me in for "a surprise evening" (that sounds a bit dodgy…) where we would need "darkness and a few items from a hardware store" (yea, that sounds very dodgy…). All accidental sexual innuendo aside, we met up and purchased whisks, rope and steel wool. We then made the short drive to Gibbston where the fun began.

The concept here is to light the steel wool and use it to create a stunning trail of fire and throw molten metal everywhere… The whisk holds it in place (mostly) and the rope keeps it away from the person spinning it (sometimes). Once we had a plan in place, we relocated to another riverbed where I planned to utilize the reflection and capture what you see above.

I think the result speaks for itself here… Its this sort of photo that helps keep me engaged and thinking differently about photography opportunities. Its also incredibly rewarding to go out and spend time with good mates doing the thing you love!

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