Took my parents to Corona Del Mar to escape the heat last week. I didn't plan to bring my camera but I wanted to take some photos for my parents so I took it with me. And I'm glad that I brought it! There was low tide so I could get farther out of the shore and took this shot at this angle. I just love it.

BTW, I haven't uploaded any photos lately not because I don't have any photos left to share, but I just don't feel like to upload anymore. Why? Since I posted my first photo to this website last year. I love this website for the voting function. I think it has been fair and useful way to get networking with those who have the same interest. But lately, I think my photos look like crap so 500px pulled down my score per vote like crazy compare to others. I feel It's just unfair and it discouraged me to continue uploading. Well, it's their website and they can do whatever to it. For me, score means nothing and we all can have our photos to the first popular page if we want to. Just spending more time for it...I really don't care if my photos popular or not. I'm not a full time professional photographer trying to get famous. Photography is just my hobby and I love to share them. I've spent time to comment and vote for those who did the same to me. If it is the reason why my score got pulled down? Well, I think it's time to stop doing that. But dear friends, I will continue to upload my photos and share with you here. I'll continue return votes as I always do! I just feel bad if I'm not returning favor! Just that you won't see me more often here anymore! :)

Again, thanks a lot for your continue supports for my works. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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