Crater Lake. What a sight! An ancient volcano that blew it's top off, fell in, and then filled with water. The deepest, and cleanest lake in the world, I believe. My first time seeing this natural wonder, and had a very fortuitous morning. I was on a 3 week road trip from Los Angeles up through Oregon and back, tacking on 3600 miles on my car. The day before was very off and on hazy because of forest fires that were burning to the south of the park. I was assuming that because of that, my chances at getting a good shot were pretty much ruined. Sunset the day before was not worth much, but this particular morning sure did deliver, and the lingering smoke from the fire actually enhanced the scene. It provided just enough cover to filter the light of the sun as it peaked up over the horizon, making it into a perfect ball of light that you could look right into with out getting those annoying green spots all over your vision for 10 minutes afterwords. I love it when that happens. Sometime just enough cloud cover can do the same.

The waters of the lake were nice and calm, and perfectly reflective, making the conditions just right. Wizard island gives the illusion of floating mysteriously amongst clouds in the middle of the lake. It was exciting to sit here up on these precarious rocks watching the scene unfold. It's moments like these that make me absolutely obsessed with landscape photography.

Not much to say about the technical. It is a multi exposure blend which also includes 2 extra images to increase the field of view on the left and right just slightly. Not really enough to call it a pano, I don't think.

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