Mist lingers on the surface of Sparks lake in central oregon.

I had packed up my gear after a perfect sunrise shoot, and was leaving the shore area when I happened to glance in the direction across the lake. The potential for this shot struck me, but in typical Ted Gore fashion, I doubted. Doubted it would make a good shot, and almost kept walking, eager to get back to my car, and that yum yum gimme some cereal with cold almond milk(so much better than cows milk! I'm a health freak!). BUT... I stopped. What the heck, I'll take it, might be nothin, but who knows, at least I'll have it(that's the better way to think, right?). Threw my pack down(I'm a liar, I gently placed it on the ground to, one, protect my valuable gear, and, two, decrease the chance of my bag getting yuck dirt embedded into it's fabrics which would then later on be deposited into my car. I'm slightly OCD).

Where was I.

Oh yeah. I took the picture. And this is it.

I'd say it was worth the extra, oh I dunno, 43 seconds it took for me to stop and take it?

Unfortunately there is a sad element to this story and image. The dead trees are a result of them being killed by an invasive species of beetle that the tree can't defend itself against. A result of humans impact on this planet. Kills me.

Man, I feel like a decent writer today. Ok, back to getting stupider.

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