HOPE : "To have a world free of conflits."

In front of Notre-Dame cathedral, a thousand of birds twirling around seem attracted by a single man.

Charles, his arm in the air and a piece of bread between his fingers comes to feed the birds every day since he’s retired.

He gives us some bread crumbs : "Act like I do, you’ll see birds will come.”

Quickly overwhelmed by birds, we walk away to listen to Charles’s long story. The story of an eventful life.. his.

Carreer soldier, from Indochina to Vietnam, through liberation of concentration camps, Charles saw a lot of suffering in his life. But his military carreer also gave him the opportunity to meet with JFK and to be, just for one day, the personal driver of general Leclerc’s wife... His greatest pride.

Then he became cameraman, worked at la maison de la Radio and had a life still full of encounters and anecdotes until he retired few years ago. Since then Charles’s been coming here everyday with his bags full of bread.

"I’m 84 years old and I’ve been coming here to feed the birds with my wife for 10 years.
My hope? You know, I’ve been to the Normandy landings, to Indochina and Vietnam wars as well, I’ve helped liberate concentration camps … My hopes, I don’t have any hope anymore !
But now with a rebuilt Europe I hope for a world free of conflicts.”

Video Portrait : vimeo.com/biimprod/charles

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