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I have dreams of flying
What a beautiful feeling to be fledged
It reminds me of the first jump I took
Off the third story ledge
To fall so hard in love can be dangerous
When you don’t know how far your wings can spread
Back then I was lucky to have snow break my fall
As a reminder I was only born with legs

When I met you I was lured
Realizing I still had a heart that begged
I wanted to be the early bird to the worm
So I slowly came back on to the edge
I remember looking back down to the pain
And all the promises to myself that I said
Then you told me you made those same ones yourself
And I remember the tears we both shed

Timid that my feathers weren’t shiny enough
Fearless about the fall is how I led
And you always loved to dance
So I gave my hand as an offering like some bread
In hopes that feeding your hunger for love
Would never be a reason that you fled
But in time I wanted and expected more
And a needy love is what you came to dread

So now I look up to the sky sad, but thankful that we met
Because so few have ever experienced the take-off from a hedge
And even less have ever felt that kind of peace
Every night that we slept
Every kiss that locked our hearts in lips
And with every ‘I live you’ as a solemn pledge
More than my words it was my eyes and my heart
That I loved you read

I had dreams of flying together and showing the world how we fledged
But now I know we’ll never hatch simply remain alone in our shells as broken eggs

-poetry and photography by Shoaib Malik

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