In order to see this shot I had found it necessary to slow down, sit still, put down my cameara (also referred to as my "appendage" by my wife) and spend 5 minutes doing nothing but observing my surroundings. It was my 1st day on vacation in this tropical paradise and I was still in non-stop "go" mindset. So I plopped down on a log, actually it was more of a large piece of driftwood that only the highest of tides could deliver, and began to do nothing but watch. In no time I found this coconut sitting next to me in the reeds and sand. It's departure from the palm tree was not recent, given how hard crispty the outer skin was it had to be sitting on the ground a few weeks. Naturally I picked it up and spun it around in my hands like a football a few times. It was heavy and unbalanced with some liquid inside (I couldnt tell if it was broken open and the liquid was seawater or if the coconut water/milk was still sealed in). After taking a few psuedo macro shots I stood, and mimicking an NFL Quarterback, tossed the coconut in a perfect spiral across the beach to the surf line. NOW I had an interesting shot! The surf tossing the coconut around, sometimes letting it rest in the sand and other times dragging it out to sea only to lose interest in it and discard it on the beach again.

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