I saw it at one of the parks in Beijing. People want to make some money like everywhere in the world. Some of them are singing, some playing music and some are doing a bit of prestidigitation. But rarely somebody manages to get much attention; crowd mostly just passing over, barely throwing some coins to those guys. And this Chinese guy really succeeded to get a lot of crowd around himself. And all those people were really willing to share their coins in this case. Even were digging their pockets for getting some more. Cutting to the chase, this man held a bird on his hand. When somebody in the crowd put a coin on his hand and offered it to the bird, it flew over, landed on the hand and carefully picked it by its beak. Then it flew back to the man and he pocketed the coin. Everybody wanted the bird on their hands, so they were seeking out for more and more coins and were trying really hard to give them away. I'd say it's quite ingenious and elegant. Curious thing is – the bird seemingly didn't like silvery-colored coins, but mostly the copper-colored ones. Here it looks at silvery coin and don't want to pick it, though eventually it had.

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