Zeb Andrews

D'amour et de perte et de l'éphémère

Dragons do exist, and they live in France. This guy has seen many hard years though. The sculptures themselves are beautiful and it made a poignant mix to see the damage of the years (and people) on them. The loss of the wing and the inscription must be less than a 100 years old, as I found an image made by Eugène Atget in 1901:


Erosion is caused by so many things: time, weather, wind and rain, and .... us - people that is. And so I made this image, a mix of beauty and sadness, a reminder that we are able to make incredible works when we set our minds and hands to it, and we are also incredibly able to erode them, often for reasons that escape my understanding. I don't mean to preach. Making this image wasn't about preaching. Merely I was reacting to what I saw, and what I felt. It was a such a mix, these two elements that it stood out quite clearly. I almost couldn't help but stop and expose a frame about what I saw. So this image isn't about a message, but a reaction. If that makes any sense. It may also be my personal favorite of all my images from Versailles.

This is the Bassin du Plat Fond in the Grand Trianon, by the way.
Want to stand where I did?


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