The Abyssinian roller is definitely an amazing species of bird due to its striking turquoise plumage. As part of my project I wanted to investigate why this bird is the colour it is. I could not research it fully but I did come up with a theory that it is actually used for camouflage. Many birds such as the penguin has dark colouration on its back so if looked at from the sky by a predator it will blend in with darkness of the ocean, but its light belly if looked at from beneath blends in with the pale sky. I think that this adaptation could be related to the Abyssinian roller. You can see that the bird has a bright blue belly which as shown in this photo blends in quite well with the sky however it is brown all over its back which you cannot see in this photo, but this could be to camouflage against the brown of the sandy ground. This idea is something I would really like to look in to further and see how true this could be.

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