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Hahahaha! What a strange weekend! I had lots of fun thought, with some friends. I've been planning some Blog posts, and ill have to upload some film to my blog soon too. I feel like sometimes Flickr isn't spontaneous enough for me. I love my conceptual work. I really do, I mean I absolutely adore shooting concepts; but I was looking for a way to pass time when im done with concepts, as I seem to always be craving for more photography.

Im now on Instagram. Im sort of against it in a way because its making what I do seem 'hipster' which is a bad thing... but my work seems to have less meaning to it now. Nevertheless its a nice way to get some quick shots shared with everyone! So add me if you want!

Again a week packed with revision! But one of the teachers forgot I had a test, so im sort of just not going to do it XD. I have a spanish test tomorrow, but tomorrow I have a spanish test on the subjunctive - easy, how to address people and make hypotheses. It shouldn't be too hard but I have to give it another long look before going zzzz tonight :).

Should I upload some Instagram images here? Like if I find them good enough? Or would you guys not like that? Honestly I wouldn't mind too much. I want to start expanding my flickr account cause sometimes I feel like its sort of frozen in a block of ice until every sunday; and then POP - back into the freezer :P.

There we go. Thats my week

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