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Zsolt Zsigmond

Zsolt Zsigmond

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The first time I had the opportunity to take a photo of something I already felt that I’m not cut out for family portraits. I went to the fields outside my village and started to shoot sunflowers and wheatfields, sunrays and old trees, and above all clouds. I felt I found something miraculously amazing that I wanted to immortalize. Later I looked at my photos and realized that a simple digital camera cannot capture or reflect the colours I saw out there and that a monitor puts off most of the colours, so I started to manipulate my photos to resemble the original feeling. I read many online resources, forums, tutorials, and after a while run into the HDR technology and started to master it. First and foremost I needed a better camera, so I bought my first SLR camera with wide-angle lens. This made things a lot easier, my pictures became sharper, bigger and I had much more detail to work with. I started to shoot panorama photos, that consist of several photos mounted together, and also obtained a tripod to incease stability. It took me years to reach a certain level of proficiency in this field, but I think the result speaks for itself. I think clouds are amazing creatures. They move like vast hordes of unfallen rain through the sky and let the sun shine through their bodies. There are certain times of a day that produce the best view, these are mainly sunrise, sundown and the so-called „blue hour” after the sun sets, but as I am not an early bird I rarely capture sunrises. There are also the majestic clouds before or after a rain or a great storm that create almost unearthly shapes and colours, and I like to visit lakes that can reflect and double the impression. Sometimes a sunset in itself can produce such fiery view that it barely needs any afterwork, but there are those occasions that I capture a beautiful landscape, and after I start to play around with its colours it turns into an inferno under my fingers. Every time such a picture evolves on my monitor it sends shivers down my spine.
  • Olympus E-330
  • Nikon D5100
  • Zuiko Digital 14-45mm/f3.5-5.6
  • Zuiko Digital 40-150mm/f3.5-4.5
  • Nikkor 18-55mm/1:3.5-1:5.6G DX VR
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