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I considered myself primarily a landscape photographer until I was introduced to studio lighting and portraiture at Photoshop World 2010. Westcott had a ‘Shoot Out’ booth on the Expo floor with professional lighting, sets and models. I was instantly hooked and spent hours at the booth taking hundreds of photographs. Upon returning home, I entered Westcott’s Flickr Photoshop World 'Shoot Out' contest and amazingly, won first place. Shortly after, a truck pulled up to my front door and delivered a bunch of lighting equipment. Luckily, my husband and I had the space and we set up a small 400 sq. ft. studio. I can’t imagine ever going back to landscapes! Photography and retouching are just a hobby. I made a promise to myself not to turn my passion into a career and I am proud to consider myself an amateur. It is liberating to pursue something just for the sheer love of it. It amazes me how many people that I come across who feel that if a person doesn’t charge money, then their work or art has no value. I've ruined many hobbies in the past, turning them into jobs. It may sound extreme, but it's my opinion that once a person hands you money, they own your creative vision. I am perfectly fine with no deadlines, no do-overs, no unsatisfied clients and no stress!
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