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My Name is Rifat Attamimi an Professional Photographer based in Japan,Yokohama and Jakarta I have worked as a wedding and portrait photographer in Japan,Yokohama,and my photo`s have been used by several Japan-Indonesia company I have a wide array experience in the field of photography in both digital and analog photography,especially in documentary,portrait,wedding,street & stage photography. I am able to capture picture and edit in them with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop as required by the end user also darkroom skill for analog photography not only familiar with 35mm digital and analog camera also I am familliar with medium format film camera from almost all 645,6x6,6x7 format,simply say I love photography too much. for photography jobs or any commissioned work`s send your inquiry through rifatattamimi@gmail.com www.flickr.com/photos/rifatattamimi www.twitter.com/pantatbuduk www.last.fm/user/rifatattamimi www.facebook.com/rifatattamimi www.rifatattamimi.wordpress.com
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