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julian john

julian john

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50.7K and press like. For me my camera is like a magic window in which you can see things nobody else can see, it reveals marvellous details and allows me to see the bigger picture and capture a unique unrepeatable moment and freeze it for eternity to be enjoyed! With my photography I make mistakes and take risks, to play it safe is to never learn just plod along in a comfort zone. One day I would like to be a great photographer, to take the ‘perfect’ photo but until that day I will take my camera and search out things that please or interest the eye. I love the sense of community on 500px and always welcome feedback and constructive criticism, please feel free to message me and I would be very happy if you take the time to visit and maybe even ‘like’ my facebook page. Originally from Brighton, I now work in Abu Dhabi but spend my summers in the UK. I have been into photography for 2 years and recently graduated from the Nikon D3000 which I loved to the Nikon D5100 which has been a revelation! I love landscapes especially at dawn and dusk.
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