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Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher

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I'm an amateur, self-taught photographer with a lifelong passion for living things. I'm learning through trial and error (and through countless hours spent walking through fields, woods and wading through streams)! Exact replication of a scene is less important to me than the evocation of a mood or emotion. My goal is to show the viewer the beauty in small things and to foster an intimate connection to the natural world. Photography is sublime meditation for me. While alone in nature with my camera, I truly feel my mind settle and I become one with river, sky and all living things. Only rarely do I pursue a subject. I generally choose a place to sit and wait for them to come to me. In a quiet sitting place I listen and watch. I feel my heartbeat and breath become regular and slow. I find that creatures will reveal themselves and generally have no fear of a person who is still, reverent and completely present in the moment.
Sevastianova  Irina

S. Irina

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Jason Manion

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