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I liken photography to life, a collection of moments. I try to capture moments that interest or inspire me whenever I can, with whatever I have to hand. That's a Canon EOS 7D or Ixus 107, or an iPhone 4S at present. I like to photograph people places or things mainly, in low light preferably, at the right aperture, ISO & shutter speed hopefully. I try to make photos not take photos...I may have subconciously stolen that insight from Henri Cartier-Bresson, my hero of photography.

Note- Anyone who leaves a nice comment in my gallery & then qualifies it with a comment like "please visit my gallery too & vote for me please" will be disappointed. I am not here to massage egos or boost ratings. I am here to share my photographic moments & admire others too especially, without ego or coercion's influence. So if that is the only reason you plan to drop by, move along, there 's nothing to see here. Maybe this phenomenon is a function of this site's youth & people's keenness to establish themselves here, to 'make a name' for themselves? I know it stopped happening on Flickr years ago! I actually see huge potential for 500pix. It offers an extra level of interaction beyond Flickr with the 'pulse' feature & 'story' boards. But they become less meaningful if their popularity is being artificially boosted by ego driven activity as opposed to purely artistic ones. Well that's just my opinion...


  • Cannon EOS 7D
  • iPhone 4S
  • Canon L-Series Ultrasonic 100-400mm Zoom
  • Canon Ultrasonic 24-105mm
  • Canon Compact-Macro Lens EF 50mm
  • Canon L-Series 100mm Macro/Prime
  • Canon L-Series 200mm Macro/Prime

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

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