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Matt Binstead

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New to 500px

Published August 14th, 2011

I recently discovered 500px, and am totally blown away by the whole experience it offers. I am a hobbyist photographer who has been looking for a way to show off my photos to friends, whilst also having other photographers see my work. Let's face it, we all like praise from time to time.

I love the way 500px offers you the basic view of your photos, but also a simple website style portfolio too. All for free! It is certainly good enough for my needs.

The voting system means I always want to get my new photos to rate higher, and gives me a challenge for my hobby, and the overall quality of photos on here is mesmerising.

When clicking on the popular photos, and for many pages, the standard is phenomenal and it is great that some professionals use this site too. It really does inspire me to get out there with the camera and try to raise my game! One day, hopefully I will get a photo into the editors choice first page, or popular photo first page too...

I do have a blog at blogger, h ...

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