Blue Ridge Parkway Spring

Published April 9th, 2013

Looking forward to Spring on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

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The Foot Bridge on the Appalachian Trail

Published February 7th, 2013

The Foot Bridge spans the James River in Virginia and is the longest foot bridge on the entire Appalachian Trail. I decided to convert my images into black and white and use the LensWork brown tone created by Brooks Jensen. The winter scenes were taken while the snow was still falling in blizzard-like conditions with high-winds. With closer inspection you can see some of the snow blowing horizontally across the bridge in the last image.

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Cadillac Ranch

Published December 28th, 2012

On our way back from our west trip to California we made a quick stop at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. I experimented a little with negative clarity in Lightroom on some of these images. People bring spray paint to decorate the half-buried Cadillacs. You can read about Cadillac Ranch here:

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Almost Overlooked

Published December 15th, 2012

It is easy to overlook a more intimate scene when too focused on capturing the broader image. We were on the path to Point Reyes Lighthouse near sunset, but it was not going to be dramatic - no clouds in the sky nor any fog for which Point Reyes is famous. I tried to capture the low light on one of the steep rocky slopes with wildflowers in the foreground and the ocean to the right. What I did not see was the black-tailed (mule) deer mother and her two young fawns which she had just left bedded down on the slope. They were cuddled together ready for the night and the mother was looking for her place to lie down nearby. My wife was the first to see them. I immediately switched lenses to get closeups of the young ones and the mother.

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Do the 180

Published December 6th, 2012

Years ago I learned to always look behind me when shooting in early morning or late evening light. Do not get so focused on the image you are trying to capture that you overlook other great visual scenes the changing light might be creating around you. Swivel 180 degrees every so often and check what is happening behind you. You might find an even better image. Here are two examples of that.

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