Graduation Day

Published November 12th, 2012

The date was 28th September 2012, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Tasik Selatan held Graduation Day where the form 5 students will be given the opportunity to put on their robes as inspiration before they take the biggest exam in Malaysia, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.


Chat First

I noticed that the students are having fun chatting with each other because they can't wait for graduation.


Amir Aizzat

I noticed my junior, Amir Aizzat is dreaming because he can't wait to get on stage and take the scroll. Who knows? haha.


Disabilities Students

SMKBTS also don't forget to students with disabilities. They are also given the opportunity to participate in the Graduation Day. From my point of view, they are very happy to be able to take the scroll together with normal students.


The Chemistry

My junior, Nursyahirah Ghapar with her Chemistry teacher, Madam Rozita.


Walking To The Hall

Students are walking to the hall for continue the event.


Get Ready For The Graduation

Students are in the hall during the event.


The Teachers

Teachers in SMKBTS are ready for graduation. From my point of view, all teachers hope that students succeed in their studies and be useful in the future.


The School Counselor

The school counselor, Datin Rusaini. She is my favorite teacher and I consider her as my own mother.


5 Bestari

During the event, I was not allowed to take pictures because the school has been providing photography services. So, I took some pictures with the students form 5 Bestari after the event ends. I hope that they are successful in this world and the hereafter. That's all my story, thank you and please be upon to you.

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