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Ted Raynor was born in Ketchikan, Alaska in 1961. His parents put him in the bow of a boat at the age of two months and his fate was sealed. With little interest in school he wandered aimlessly and ultimately dropped out of high school. Eventually he helped build his own boat and launched it in 1988. He used the boat for commercial fishing but the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill of March 24, 1989 began a slow decline of his fishing business. So he got his captains license and started a charter business in Whittier, Alaska in 1994. For the next 9 years summers he was busy taking fishermen, kayakers, and tourists out into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. In 2003 he shut down the business, got his GED, and went to college to study computers. However, he was drawn back into the chartering world in spite of his education. In 2006 he joined a non-profit beach cleanup group and spent the next six years cleaning oceanic plastics off Alaska’s coastline. It was during that time that he began to take his love of photography to a higher level. He left the cleanup group in 2012 and restarted his charter business in Whittier, Alaska. But his main passion and dream is to do photography full time. Now, armed with the formidable knowledge he has of the region, he has been venturing into Prince William Sound for extended photography trips during the winter months in an attempt to take his photography as far as he possibly can.

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I hope you all enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. -Ted Raynor


  • Nikon D600, D700, D300

Anchorage, Alaska, United States

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