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Alida Jorissen

Alida Jorissen

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I was born and raised in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). Bought my first camera in 2011 and had a classical photography education, digital darkroom and Photoshop. For me photography, is a way of self-expression. Using photography as a way of self-expression goes deeper than just learning to make beautiful pictures. My pictures show how I perceive reality, my personal passion and my imagination. Since I grew up in the city, I love being outdoors and I have a great fascination for nature, love being creative and find working with colours very stimulating. I use only natural light, never use flash and I've never had an external flash unit for a camera. I love using Photoshop to give some of my photos a creative spin or to put moods & atmospheres into my photographs. Editor's Choice: Imagination "Kiss me, and I'll be your prince" chosen for the Weekly Monday Contest My photos were published here: Topaz Webinar May 5, 2014 Newsletter Topaz news April 23, 2014 Photography Week, 6th August 2013 Daily Mail Online, 5th February 2013
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