Christmas at the Driskill, Part 1

Published December 24th, 2012

I got a note from the designer who does the Driskill hotel's Christmas decorations, asking me to take some photos for her. I was happy to oblige as the Driskill is my favorite place to visit in Austin at Christmas. I thought I'd share some shots as a virtual tour of the hotel during the Christmas season. The Christmas decorations were placed by Intuition Interiors.


The Driskill Exterior

The Driskill was built in 1886 and it exists today as an elegant hotel and one of Austin's most cherished landmarks. This is the 6th Street entrance to the Driskill. The balcony railings were adorned with holiday garlands.

Lobby Christmas Tree

This is the main Christmas Tree at the Driskill hotel. You can't miss this towering tree when you enter the hotel lobby. This annual display make the Driskill my favorite holiday stop in Austin. I always love how the warm lights of the tree seem to dance across the lobby floor.

A Majestic Tree

I try to get a shot of the tree every year and this is a different angle than what I normally do. I wanted to capture a shot of the tree in the context of the hotel's layout. The reception desk is visible in the background. The stairs to the right lead up to the bar and the mezzanine area.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Many beautiful glass ornaments decorated the Driskill's Christmas tree. I took a few close shots of some of them.

Christmas Tree Decor

This is a closeup of one of the decorative pieces placed in the elaborately decorated Christmas Tree in the Driskill lobby. The tree's lights cast a warm glow on the whole lobby.

Reception Desk

This is the reception desk at the Driskill. I like the decorative holiday garland that was cleverly appointed with key ornaments by Intuition Interiors. The area had a warm and inviting glow to it.

Reception Desk Tree

This unique Christmas tree display was placed near the reception desk. The luggage under the tree was a fun feature of this holiday display.

Victorian Room Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree was placed in the Victorian Room, which is on the ground floor near the 6th St. entrance. The room was being prepared for a meeting when I visited and the tree was surrounded by a serving table. There was a distinct warm illumination in this room.


This staircase leads to the mezzanine area at Driskill. The lighted garland illuminated the path with an inviting warm glow.

To see what I found upstairs, continue the tour in Part 2.

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Ellen Yeates  over 1 year ago
beautiful images!
Julia Stypińska  over 1 year ago
very nice photos : )