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The Beginning...

Published September 1st, 2012

On Christmas 2009, I received my first DSLR, a Nikon D60 and I fell in love. I remembering it being so complicated that it wasn't until late January that I even half way figured out how to use it. Between Christmas 2009 and February 2010, I must have watched every Youtube video on aperture, shutter speeds, ISO and whatnot. Towards the end of March 2010, my cousin convinced his friends to commission me to do their album cover for them and they agreed. He never told them that I wasn't a pro, and he never told me that I would be shooting for an album cover. I rose to the occasion and delivered images that pleased the clients. I've never looked back; well only to kick myself for not getting into photography earlier. I've always admired the craft....I just knew there would be so much to learn before I could even be close to making the images that I so often looked through Vogue and gawked at. AND TURNS OUT, I WAS RIGHT!! It's not easy. Most people own cameras, this is true, but most aren't ...

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